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Changing a lock may cost you a lot of money. So if you've lost your key and don't have the spare one there are several ways for you to follow:

  • Change the entire lock. It not cheap as we've already said. Besides, it may spoil your interior if a new lock doesn't match the old one.
  • Changing the lock cylinder, which can also be pricy. Especially if there are several cylinders , which need to be replaced.
  • To get a new key done. This might be the least expensive method.

Even if you don't have the original key, you still have a chance to save your lock and money. You can have a new key created if you know a special number written on the key, on the package, or on the lock warranty.

Knowing this number, which usually comprises five figures, you can go to the nearest hardware shop or Locksmith in Coquitlam office and order the key. You can also call a smith and tell him the key number. It will let him cut the key within a couple of minutes and deliver it to your place. Of course, it is more expensive than going to the locksmith coquitlam yourself.

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Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, you don't know the key number and you have thrown away the package and the warranty papers long ago. What are the steps you can make if this is your story? First of all, you should call a locksmith. He will come to your place and either disassemble the lock to examine the pins or do the impressioning.

Impressioning is a technique that demands time and lots of patience. It is when a key blank is inserted into the lock and turned there with pressure to get the marks from the pins left on the blank. This way the key professional knows how many cuts there should be.

You can also pull out the cylinder by yourself and take it to the locksmith's office. There you'll get your new key cut. It will save you some money because you won't need to pay for disassembling and fixing of the lock parts.


There exist some types of locks, which are extremely difficult to rekey. The cost of labor for rekeying such locks can be much higher than the cost of a brand new lock so it's not advantageous to do that.

So, as you can see, there is almost nothing impossible for a skillful lock coquitlam.